Lakehouse Studios - Sunrise Studio Scallop Border Panel - Aqua

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These fab border panels can be used to create beautiful scalloped borders for your quilts and cushions.

Each panel contains 1 circle containing 4 quarter circles, 2 corners if making a larger quilt and 4 scallop border lengths each containing 6 scallops (each scallop measures 10cm long). Each panel measures 60cm x 110cm

We sell the panels in units. You will need two units to create a 44 inch square quilt per the diagram opposite. You only really want to buy one panel if you are planning a small project with a thinner border which doesnt require the 4 full corners (one unit only contains two corners).

2 units will provide a panel measuring: 120cm x110cm (47"x 44"), 4 rows of scallop featuring 12 scallops per row, 4 large corners (for wider borders), 2 circle corners (for thinner borders)

For more information see the scallop magic information sheet from Lakehouse Dry Goods

Please note there are no polka dots on the fabric the scallops are aqua blue on a white background.

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