Lakehouse Studios - Sunrise Studio Scallop Border Panel - Pewter

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These fab border panels can be used to create beautiful scalloped borders for your quilts and cushions.

Each panel contains 1 circle containing 4 quarter circles, 2 corners if making a larger quilt and 4 scallop border lengths each containing 6 scallops (each scallop measures 10cm long). Each panel measures 60cm x 110cm

We sell the panels in units. You will need two units to create a 44 inch square quilt per the diagram opposite. You only really want to buy one panel if you are planning a small project with a thinner border which doesnt require the 4 full corners (one unit only contains two corners).

2 units will provide a panel measuring: 120cm x110cm (47"x 44"), 4 rows of scallop featuring 12 scallops per row, 4 large corners (for wider borders), 2 circle corners (for thinner borders)

For more information see the scallop magic information sheet from Lakehouse Dry Goods

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