Soft & Bright Polyester Quilt Wadding


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Soft & Bright is a premium polyester wadding favoured by professional quilters and is perfect for use on light coloured and childrens quilts. It also makes a great value alternative to our popular Warm & White quilt wadding.

Soft & Bright is created by needle punching soft bright white polyester fibres into a base material to provide a solid yet supple wadding which prevent tearing, shifting or bunching. The wadding is soft and fluffy to the touch and the evenly layered fibres stay in place inside your quilt even after a lifetime of washings.

Soft & Bright's can be used for hand or machined quilting and you can quilt up to 10 inches apart.

Soft & Bright doesn't need to be washed before use and no shrinkage is experienced.

Soft & Bright is cut from a 90 inch bolt in metre units. 1 unit of Soft & Bright will measure 2.28 metre by 1 metre. Warm & White has a thickness of approximately 3mm.

100% Polyester perfect for hand and machine quilting

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